Saturday, April 10, 2010

My thoughts

Life is so unpredictable. Things that you never expected but it happens but things that you expecting can't reach it in days. We can't control everything in life that's why it's the interesting part that brings sweetness and bitterness in our life. Sometimes lying on the bed thinking of those tiny tiny things during these 21 years and 3 months life I've been going through, nostalgic memories that would never come again for second time in future, give me the strength to discover more for the rest of my life. I wish to pick up those precious moments and make it a wonderful picture in mind for one day.I believe there is a day (Law of Attraction). Most of the people would think it these way for those unhappy experiences they went through. Why is this happened on me but not Amy, Annie, Sunny or Danny? No doubt, it's you. Because you are selected by the God of life to go through all these in order to train you to be a better person in handling the next mission impossible. Human beings are all the same. We do blame for what we don't wish to but I always remind myself, it can be unfair to me now but it's okay, everything will be fine. What I'm facing now is just small matter, there are thousands of people out there no foods, no drinks no shelter. So what's the big deal you think you are having now? As long as I'm alive, there are many wonderful stuff waiting for me. Looking backward and blaming on why it happens is just wasting your time. Just let it be. When its the time, those memories will transform into huge momentum pushing you to move forward. What I wish to is not there yet but I believe it will be someday. Hoouuh, feeling better now....(actually pek cek-ing with studies):)P


  1. Good..^.^haha
    Hope u can achieve ur meaningful life in the future...Support u all the ways..
    Gud luck in ur final..~~